SciTex is a full line distributor of clean room and industrial safety supplies.

Founded as Scientific Textiles in 1986 as a manufacturer of polyester and nylon wipers, we began by supplying our wipers and then protective clothing which led into supplying other safety products to our customers. The company represents numerous manufacturers in order to bring to the market the quality and breadth of clean room and safety products our customers require at a competitive price. We serve customers in a variety of fields: Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Electronics, Food Service, Healthcare, Medical Device Manufacturing, Printing, and Remediation to name a few.

Focus On Service

Service is paramount to us; we have no phone trees or voice mail. If you call us you will speak to a person and your questions or orders will be handled quickly. You can reach us at 877-308-4756.

Our approach to business is consultative and we strive to have the most knowledgeable sales force in the industry. We listen to our customers in order to educate ourselves on how they do business. By doing this simple but important thing we can present products that will solve problems, fill needs, or save money – a timeless way to serve our customers, grow business, and expand relationships.

We appreciate your time and look forward to working together for years to come.