Fully transparent, the SciTex Supply Face Shield provides an unobstructed view.

Designed without foam, this face shield stays cool. The design also creates space for easy-breathing and accommodates most glasses. It is naturally fog-resistant and does not rely on anti-fog treatments which can become cloudy when exposed to cleaning agents. Whether your current need is additional protection against Covid-19 or for general use, face shields offer protection with the least possible interference.

This face shield can be assembled in seconds and features a secure, adjustable sizing system.

This system does not rely on an elastic band for tension so there is no pressure on the user's head. Weighing only 1.6oz., there is no strain on the user's neck. This face shield remains comfortable for extended periods of time.

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Intended for repeat use, this durable face shield is designed for streamlined, thorough cleaning.

It pops apart so it can be laid flat and easily wiped down. There are no small holes or folds that are hard to reach. Because it features nonporous materials, it can be submerged in a cleaning agent. The flat-pack design allows these face shields to be easily transported and stored using minimal shelf space.

Because this face shield is made of PETG, it can be recycled.

Because there is no foam, elastic, or adhesives, it can be recycled through most local programs.

SciTex Supply face shields are manufactured in Georgia with 100% American-made materials. All SciTex Supply products ship from Georgia.